Jerusalem Center for Education, Training and Research of Hypnosis

HILA was founded in 2008 to provide training and education in the field of hypnosis. The institute provides hypnosis training for psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors and dentists, and is recognized by the Ministry of Health. We also run advanced and specialized training programs designed to foster clinical skills.
HILA also provides hypnosis treatment when it can ease patients’ pain.

What does HILA offer?
  • Training of doctors, psychologist and dentists, in preparation for the Health Department hypnosis exam.
  • Ongoing supervision for professionals using hypnosis after training.
  • One-on-one treatments provided by medical or psychological professionals.
  • Group therapy – we intend to develop group therapy using hypnosis to provide affordable treatments for those who need it.

HILA was founded by Netzer Daie, an expert clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist who also works as a supervisor in the these fields, with the assistance of Sylvie Goldman, M.D., a hypnotherapy expert.

We aspire to create collaborations between hypnotherapists with different areas of expertise, and provide holistic treatment for issues which lack a sufficient solution in conventional medicine, such as anxiety, pain relief, dissociation and trauma. Our approach views hypnosis not as an independent science but as an adjunct therapy to the treatments for a wide range of medical, psychological and dental applications.


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